Stay connected to your customers


Virtual exhibitions let you stay connected to your customers.

Keep those conversations flowing by creating a virtual world for them to explore

Let us bring your events to a virtual world with our 3D fully immersive virtual exhibition space. Combining creative techniques from the worlds of architecture and video gaming with powerful Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. Our virtual exhibition spaces are bespoke, customised to any design, and can run on mobile, tablet or desktop, being PWAs they can be used offline as well.

Enabling exhibition venues, organisers and exhibitors to connect to clients without boundaries, ensuring they are no longer confined by time or geography.

So, you can continue to have those all-important sales conversations, giving customers access to your most valuable content and letting them immerse themselves in your world through interactive 3D models, presentations, PDFs, seminars, live presentations and one-to-one video calls.

The future will see a two-stream approach to events

Virtual exhibitions can add significant value and the investment won’t be lost once the lockdown ceases.  Exhibition venues’ in the future will operate with limited capacity, countries are imposing travel restrictions (or quarantine) and, delegates will be naturally wary of mingling en masse.

Hybrid events are likely to be the future – where a virtual version of an exhibition will run alongside the delegate restricted physical event.

The benefits of virtual exhibitions

Some of the key advantages of hosting a virtual exhibition are outlined below:

Increased reach

From local to global – customers can access you wherever they are in the world, from desktop to mobile, anytime they like.

Increased customer contact

Customers can visit the exhibition online for as long as you want them to, increasing your engagement time with them.


Tailor the experience to each and every customer’s individual needs, all driven by data.

Insights from data & analytics

Get a greater understanding of your customers and track interactions at a deeper level and more precisely than at a physical event.

On-demand content

Customers can access your content whenever they want and as often as they want.

Instant updates

A content management system lets you easily and instantly update content within an experience.

Repurpose the exhibition

You can reuse the virtual space again and again by changing the content and branding and targeting it at a different sector quickly and easily.

CSR and sustainability

A reduction in travel, exhibition collateral, and logistics can result in a much smaller carbon footprint.

Brand perception

Demonstrate your businesses commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

Customer-First Approach 

The key to a successful virtual exhibition is to build an immersive and engaging environment that is easy for your customers to use. 

We work with you to identify your customer’s needs and objectives that you want them to achieve in your virtual world. It is important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about the content and information they really need, and what will wow and excite them. 

With a customer-first approach, we will create a virtual exhibition space that is built around their needs, underpinned with a customer-friendly journey through a visual environment that resonates with their world and provides them with the information and content relevant to them.  

With twenty years of interactive communication experience, we will support you throughout the entire process to create an environment that is unique to your business and built around your customers – bringing your exhibition space to life in a digital world.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you create a virtual exhibition please get in touch.

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