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How POP’s Platform Can Help with Revenue Enablement

Find out how POP can make revenue enablement easier and more effective.

You’re 80% more likely to exceed revenue growth targets if you prioritize revenue enablement. It’s a no-brainer. What’s more difficult is finding the technology to facilitate this more holistic approach to the customer journey – both internally and externally.

Below, we’ll discuss why POP is the perfect fit.

POP & revenue enablement: a match made in heaven

Cross-functional collaboration is at the heart of revenue enablement. Rather than being solely about sales training and product launches, the focus is on every single touchpoint between a customer and your brand.

But those touchpoints aren’t separate. You should see them as part of a cohesive journey for your customers.

Internally, this means bringing together all the different customer-facing teams within your business. We’re talking about pre-sales, partnerships, IT, product teams, sales, marketing, customer success and more.

The aim? To eliminate silos and share knowledge across your organization. This gives you more insight into what prospects want, their pain points, and how to connect with them. It also provides a more consistent, cohesive experience for customers.

If you’re new to revenue enablement, read our introductory guide and find out how it’s different from sales enablement.

So, how does POP fit in?

POP is an interactive experiences platform that allows you to connect with customers throughout their journey. Rather than having separate, unrelated content for different stages of customer engagement, onboarding and retention, you can maintain full control over every experience through one platform.

This includes:

  • Immersive product walkthroughs for marketing or self-service customers.
  • Engaging presentations for your product and sales teams
  • Tailored demonstrations for client onboarding.

You can create unlimited experiences across your whole organization to fit any device, from mobile screens up to video walls. Everything is tracked with full analytics and integrated with your CRM – giving everyone access to invaluable data on customer interactions and downloads.

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POP’s Customer Success Blueprint

Alignment is at the very core of revenue enablement. This is something we take seriously at POP. Our Customer Success Blueprint (CSB) involves key stakeholders from across your organization to get everyone on the same page from the very start:

  • We begin with discovery, involving interviews and an anonymous survey with key members of all your customer-facing teams. The aim is to find out the challenges they face and evaluate what success would look like from their perspective. Importantly, we assess how a revenue-enablement platform fits into this success.
  • Next is a workshop where we present our findings and work on any obstacles. This is so key stakeholders can collaborate and agree on what’s required in terms of content, functionality and the overall customer experience.
  • We’ll devise a realistic timeline for launch, including a soft launch, full rollout and comprehensive staff training, so all teams know how the platform supports their interactions with customers.
  • Our team will stay by your side to keep the platform working for you. Whether it’s extra training, additional insights or just ongoing upkeep, we’ll ensure POP continues to deliver as agreed in the initial discovery.

Examples of successful revenue enablement implementations

Don’t just take our word for it when it comes to POP’s suitability as a revenue enablement platform. Here are three examples of successful revenue enablement implementations:


Wienerberger sales enablement app displayed on black laptop

We created an interactive experience to showcase Wienerberger’s extensive product portfolio. With built-in analytics, their team could track the customer journey and continuously evaluate ROI. This improves synergy between sales, marketing and other departments.


Example of Coloplast sales enablement tool on iPad

We developed an interactive tool for Coloplast that seamlessly connects their sales and marketing teams with both customers and their CRM system. It enabled them to have more valuable conversations throughout the customer journey, including both face-to-face and remote.


person wearing diamond ring interacting with interactive touchscreen presentation displayed on large monitor on wooden table

We built a digital hub for GSMA, bringing together all their digital content. It connected GSMA teams in different locations, ensuring everyone had access to the right assets for product development, marketing, customer success and more.

Find out how to maximize sales and success with the Revenue Enablement way >

Proven strategies and tactics that delivered success

It’s not just our intuitive platform that sets POP apart as a revenue enablement platform. Our collaborative CSB approach allows us to identify the objectives of the entire business, from sales and marketing to customer success and, crucially, customers too.

When businesses come to us, we work alongside them to tailor the platform to their requirements. That makes it easy to create experiences that wow prospects and customers throughout their lifecycle, whether it’s through presentations, touchscreen experiences or a digital showroom.

Want to see what we mean? Check out our introductory video or book a demo by calling +44(0)117 329 1712. You can also email us at and we’ll get back to you.

Holly Worthington
Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead
If you’ve got an idea and want to chat it through then just get in touch. Or give us a call 🤙 on 0117 329 1712.
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