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Case Study: How POP Can Develop an Interactive Touchscreen Experience That You Can Adapt and Modify for Future Use

Are you looking for an interactive touchscreen solution that’s not only innovative, but can also be modified and adapted for future use – without having to rely on an agency to do the work?

Here at POPcomms, we make sure all of our interactive solutions are adaptable and flexible as needed, as we understand no business wants to be tied to an agency when there’s a specific event coming up, or a new product or service released.

Below, we’ve outlined an example of how we were able to provide a futureproof solution for the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive, which they can modify in-house to add new themes and films to suit their needs.

The challenge

We were invited by the The National Library of Scotland to tender for an interactive touchscreen experience they wanted to create for visitors to their new Moving Image Archive in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

They needed the touchscreen solution to cover eight separate screens in their new centre, which would include videos, images, and contextual and biographical information. It was to become more of a window into the archive itself; an introduction – or gateway – to the Library’s much wider catalogue.

They wanted to give people access to that content in a fun, easy and visual way that was intuitive enough for anyone to be able to use and create experiences from.

NLS already knew the software they wanted to use, but they didn’t know how to make it work or how to get it professionally designed in a way they could keep fresh and updated for their visitors, which is why they were seeking recommendations.

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The biggest challenge was that they needed a solution that they’d be able to adapt themselves to include additional themes and films as and when required, without having to request assistance from an agency every time.

The solution

The NLS approached us as a result of being listed on the IntuiFace expert page, and knew our capabilities in terms of delivering seamless and innovative interactive experiences, so we were excited to put together a proposal.

We examined the brief NLS had put out to tender, and started to build our proposal to include a way they would be able to effectively manage and update their touchscreen solution themselves, along with how we’d develop the project and our own recommendations of how we’d proceed.

The solution we came up with would allow them to export their film database at any time, complete with all of the contextual and biographical information they required, and it would be designed to slot directly into the touchscreen experience. They were very impressed with our clear understanding of the brief.

We received the go-ahead for the project, and got to work developing prototype designs whilst working closely with quite a large team from the NLS – all of whom had their own particular needs and requirements, and weren’t used to working with agencies.

The result

In terms of results, we delivered more than what the NLS had been expecting. They were delighted with the finished experience, and the fantastic response from visitors to the Moving Image Archive who loved using the new interface.

In this case, it wasn’t just about the delivery, but making it an easy, enjoyable experience all-round – resulting in virtually effortless collaboration, whilst taking away the stress that often comes from delivering quite a large-scale project such as this.

Here’s what the NLS had to say:

“From the outset POPcomms had a clear understanding of our brief and worked closely with us to develop both the design concepts and the database back-end. We had regular meetings and catch-up calls so we could discuss and understand how the project was progressing, and the design evolving.”

“The end result is a beautifully designed, engaging and intuitive multi-touch interface that showcases the Library’s film and video collection at our new centre at Kelvin Hall. Our visitors tell us that they love the interface that POPcomms developed for us. I would not hesitate in recommending the POPcomms team and their work to other museums, galleries and libraries.”

Gill Hamilton, Digital Access Manager, National Library of Scotland

image to promote a download of our touchscreen guide
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