Healthcare and Pharma

With new and innovative science comes increased complexity, information and data.


When talking to customers time is precious and you need to turn that complexity and wealth of information into simple, personalised and meaningful experiences that resonate.

In a highly regulated industry, with differing requirements globally, you need to be confident that the most up-to-date and compliant information is being shared by your sales teams from one, central, trackable source.

You need to be able to access any detailed information a customer needs, instantly. Whether your conversation is in-person or remote, this needs to be delivered through an intuitive and visually compelling interactive experience with a clear focus on meaningful value.


This is exactly what we’ll help you do – create clarity where there is complexity to support your customer conversations at every touchpoint.


We work with Healthcare, Pharma and Medical Device companies to create interactive experiences for in-person and remote sales meetings, virtual exhibitions, events and tradeshows.

We intimately understand the pressures on sales and marketing teams and what will resonate with your customers.

We have a clearly defined strategic process we’ll take you through to create the interactive tools, narrative and impact needed to support your customer conversations and the data and analytics to measure and refine them.

Our new sales tool has made life so much easier, especially in the virtual world! The tool allows me to access and browse all the sales materials I need in one place so that I can easily show, or send them to my customers and colleagues. The app is easy to navigate, looks really professional and allows me to deliver sales material in an effective way.
Katie Bell, Senior Territory Manager, Coloplast

Some of our transformational client projects

See how we’ve helped these healthcare businesses embrace digital transformation to give their customers brilliant interactive experiences.

POP created such a clear and engaging sales tool for me and my customers. It differentiates me from the competition, injects added value and creates empathy.
Carol Liburd, Senior Territory Manager, Coloplast
Roche. Interactive experience for exploring their expansive product portfolio
The sales tool POP developed is the most interactive, most digital, probably coolest sales material that the sales team have ever had. It’s a completely different way of working, but it’s intuitive, so the sales team can concentrate on the message that they want to convey to the customer without distraction.
Nick Elliot, Marketing Manager, Coloplast

Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Device clients

Some of the great clients we work with