You might not be able to exhibit at the moment or meet customers, but a Virtual Exhibition space means you can still have those all-important conversations and give customers access to your most valuable content.

Let your customers explore interactive 3D models, video libraries, interactive presentations and PDFs, watch seminars and live presentations as well as have that all-important human contact through one to one video calls with you.

The future will see a two-stream approach to events

The advantages of taking exhibitions online during the Coronavirus outbreak is clear. But, social distancing will continue in some form for the foreseeable future, with venues having their capacity limited, people being wary of mingling with thousands of other delegates and countries imposing travel quarantines.

A two-stream approach to events will be necessary where a virtual version of an exhibition will run alongside the delegate restricted physical event.

This is an opportunity not a problem.”

Virtual exhibitions can add significant value and the investment won’t be lost once the lockdown ceases.

“The significant advantages of virtual events will be for the long-term”

  • Increased reach – Some customers just aren’t easy to reach or cannot always make it to see you. A virtual exhibition takes you from local to global reach as customers can access you wherever they are in the world, from desktop to mobile, anytime they like
  • Increased contact time – Most physical events only run for a couple of days; a virtual exhibition can remain online for as long as you want it to. Customers can have a week or a month to explore, significantly increasing your engagement and contact with them
  • Personalisation – The interactive features, dynamic content and filtering within a virtual exhibition mean the entire experience can be instantly tailored to a customer’s interests, industry or job role putting them in control. Every customer can have their own tailored experience
  • Data & Analytics – Data is crucial in understanding your customers’ needs and analytics can track every interaction within a virtual exhibition to a granular level if desired, something that isn’t possible with physical events
  • On-demand content – Customers can access your content whenever they want as often as they want, watching seminars, videos or presentations on-demand
  • Instant flexibility – Our virtual exhibitions can have sophisticated content management systems sitting in the background so you can easily and instantly update any content within an experience. They can also be easily repurposed for another exhibition with new branding, design and content with very little effort or cost
  • CSR and Sustainability – Virtual exhibitions have a considerably smaller carbon footprint. There are no associated costs in terms of travel and exhibition materials (stand build, print, power etc.) and logistics. Many stands are destroyed after an event and leave a considerable amount of waste material
  • Brand perception – Lots of businesses talk about being innovative and adopting digital transformation but don’t put it into practice, virtual exhibitions demonstrate these credentials
  • Fits the new buyer persona – Customers have changed and want to research and interact with businesses in ways that are better for them. We design and build our virtual exhibitions with your customer front and centre
  • Driving business forward – Ultimately, exhibitions are crucial to new business development and virtual exhibitions will increase customer reach and engagement and can be a competitive advantage
  • Cost savings – Compared to a physical event virtual exhibitions are a considerable cost saving for many of the reasons outlined above

Your customer is still a human being

A big part of live events is the human side, meeting customers and colleagues face to face. Although you can’t do this directly in a virtual exhibition it is still really important to bring in as much of the human side as possible otherwise people will just click around for a bit and leave.

It isn’t all about the technology, content is still King and the technology really comes to nothing if the content and your customer’s journey hasn’t been thought through.

In a virtual exhibition space, it’s even more crucial than ever to start with your customer first and not the technology.

There is a reason computer games are so addictive and likewise in a virtual exhibition you want to keep customers engaged within your experience and encourage them to keep coming back.

So, knowing what is most important to your customer is key to meeting your business objectives and hosting a successful virtual event.

How we can help you

We’ve worked in events and been developing interactive technology for almost twenty years now that is proven, resilient and can craft almost any experience you can imagine.
We’ll work with you through the entire process –

Establishing your strategic objectives,

  • Messaging
  • Design & branding
  • 3D modelling of your virtual space
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Analytics tracking
  • Ongoing support and advice

A complete 360 service

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