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The Royal Mint is a great British institution, respected around the world. So every time they choose us to showcase their own flawless work, we feel both honoured and a little bit proud.

To celebrate the Chinese lunar calendar, The Royal Mint have created a series of exquisitely designed coins, known as the Shēngxiào Collection. They wanted us to put together an exposé of the extraordinary craftsmanship behind these limited edition works of art.

We shot a live video, bringing to life one coin’s design, 2016’s Year of the Monkey. Following London-based artist-printmaker Wuon-Gean Ho, we take the viewer through the entire creative process from initial designs in ink to the multi-layered manufacturing processes at The Royal Mint.

We captured the essence of the unique linocut technique as Wuon-Gean talks us through both the craft and life influences that steered her design, adding a human dimension that the audience can connect with.

The monkey is a prominent and popular figure in Chinese culture, a symbol of luck, honour and wealth. For centuries this fascinating creature has featured in the blessing of babies and is displayed at ports to wish sailors safe passage. Long ago, monkeys were carved into wooden posts where horses were tethered, a superstition thought to protect them from disease. Anyone born in the Year of the Monkey is considered energetic, witty and sociable, keen to solve problems or given to creative pursuits, but they can be a little self-absorbed; possibly sharing the monkey’s suspicious and impetuous nature.

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