Paragon Software Systems wanted to update the way they told their story, putting the customer and their challenges at the centre of its new sales presentation. Making sure that the different customer and employee benefits of using Paragon’s routing and planning software were clearly articulated in a visual and memorable way.

We started by understanding how different members of the Paragon team approached the sales narrative and then met with senior stakeholders to map out a more persuasive and customer-centric narrative flow.

The result was a contemporary interactive presentation that clearly articulates the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry and the real-world benefits of using Paragon. By restructuring the narrative we created a more compelling and direct story supported by new graphics that bring the story to life while still being aligned with the existing brand.

The interactive presentation is designed to accommodate different presentation styles and story threads as well as accommodate a diverse customer audience to ensure all decision makers are addressed directly.

↑ Paragon’s solutions are brought to life with a visual representation of the customer’s environment.

“We very much enjoy working with POPcomms; they produce so much more than just good-looking PowerPoint presentations. Our new sales presentation is really helping us to tell our story differently, consistently communicating the value of Paragon to transport operations looking to save money but also continuously improve their delivery services.”

Kristel Jarvis, Marketing Manager of Paragon Software Systems

↑ Benefits are clearly illustrated and prominent.

↑ Implementation process shown as a simple infographic. With interactive navigation, the presenter can drill down into further information at each stage.

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