The GSM Association (GSMA) is the trade body that represents the interests of 1,200 mobile operators and companies worldwide. They produce thousands of documents annually, covering all aspects of the mobile communications industry. In a rapidly developing sector, it’s business-critical that their customers have access to the very latest information.

The GSMA run multiple global events throughout the year, their flagship event is Mobile World Congress held annually in Barcelona (180,000 visitors), Los Angeles and Shanghai, as well as the Mobile 360 Series of regional conferences.

The challenge for GSMA

  • Ensuring they have all the latest documents and data available at each event, in multiple languages, to cover their diverse customer base is a significant challenge
  • As the global authority in the communications industry, it’s important that they are seen as innovative, dynamic and proactive in providing instant access to critical information
  • It is important that they understand what information is being consumed to understand customer needs and to track potential customers for lead generation and future marketing.

How we helped

We worked closely with the GSMA to develop an interactive experience that acted as a central information source, letting customers easily access any information from PDFs, videos and interactive data tools when attending any conference, anywhere in the world.

The benefits of the interactive experience

  • The interactive lets customers effortlessly browse the expansive range of valuable content depending on their sector and interests through an intuitive interface
  • Users can easily select and tag documents to email to themselves, their email contact details are captured at this point
  • The interactive significantly reduces the need for printed collateral onsite, reducing printing and logistics costs and allowing for last-minute updates to documents to be made
  • The interactive runs both online and offline so it doesn’t matter if a venue has an internet connection or not. Any customer requested documents will automatically be emailed out when an internet connection is detected
  • The interactive is connected to a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) so the GSMA global teams can update content on the interactives from an online portal and the interactives will automatically update themselves wherever they are in the world
  • The CMS also lets GSMA customise each interactive depending on the event so bespoke branding can be applied. Multiple events can be run simultaneously in different locations around the world with the same functionality on each
  • Analytics track exactly what customers are reading, watching and downloading, so the GSMA are able to get a clear idea of topics that are relevant to visitors – helping to guide future content decisions
  • The experience can be run on large touchscreens as well as tablets, laptops and mobiles to suit any event type and space.

  Video of the experience in action

  Splash screen interface

touchscreen iexperience, interactive presentation

  Access any of 200+ reports and videos

  Interactive data tool

  Attendees can put all the documents they want into a downloads basket which emails the content to them

  Multiple events can be run at the same time globally each with their own branding

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Sharepoint infographic

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