GEA is one of the largest global suppliers of process technology for the Food, Pharma and Petro-Chemicals industry.

GEA attend multiple, global trade events and have a portfolio of several hundred products targeted at their various business sectors. Having a visually impressive touchscreen experience that sales teams can use with customers at events to access all their latest documents is critical.

We created an experience that lets them do the following:

  • Access all their product documents: PDFs, videos, presentations, 3D & VR models, images and more
  • Customers can email themselves relevant documents they are interested in from the experience by tagging documents and adding to a basket
  • The experience can work online and offline so if there is no wifi at an event the experience and all its features still work, including storing email details so when wifi is detected the experience will email out requested documents
  • The experience has full analytics to track all interactions
  • The experience connects to an online Content Management System (CMS) so all aspects of the experience and assets can be updated from the CMS and instantly reflected in the touchscreen experience
  • As the experiences are centrally controlled through the CMS, brand consistency and messaging can be maintained across all the experiences wherever they are in the world and documents only need to be updated in the CMS for the latest versions to be available on the experiences
  • Multiple touchscreens can be run simultaneously and each can have its own unique content
  • The experience can also be used online and accessed through the internet if required.

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