Federal Resources, based in the US, help military, first responders and operational teams to equip, train and maintain every component required for their next mission.

Being a single-source provider they have a huge portfolio of highly specialised equipment, this has often led to frustration in meetings and events with sales teams being unable to quickly access relevant content for their customers.

We worked with Federal Resources to streamline this process, by creating an interactive customer experience that could be used across multiple touchpoints so that the sales team can now access relevant products and information at the tap of a button. This was not the only benefit!

The interactive can also…

  • Be used on any device, from large format touchscreens to laptops or tablets
  • Run offline if needs be at an event or in the field with a customer
  • Have content tailored to a specific event, so only relevant products/solutions are shown
  • Be updated by any authorised person from anywhere, a change made at head office will automatically be reflected across all devices
  • Have consistency across all devices with the Content Management System storing all latest content, they now have a single source of truth
  • Email customers with selected content that’s of interest to them instantly, a record is also captured by head office
  • Provide full analytics, tracking every interaction to provide actionable intelligence on what is being viewed

In addition to the above, the sales team now have a dynamic, innovative and interactive experience to use with customers that pushes the Federal Resources brand forward and helps them stand apart from their competition.

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