How to tell a persuasive B2B story with your presentations

As a B2B presentation design agency we see a lot of presentations.

There is a big difference between presentations that truly resonate with their audience, where they are confident that their business issues and needs have been addressed, in comparison to presentations that confuse the audience and truly drown their enthusiasm with information overload.

There are a number of key elements that successful presentations have in common – three of those are about making presentations:

  1. flexible,
  2. personal,
  3. and relevant.

In this video we demonstrate how we applied these three key elements to create a persuasive story for one of our clients:

So to summarise, make your presentations…

  • Flexible– use navigation that allows your customer to steer the conversation, choosing to go to the content that is of most interest to them
  • Personal– make the presentation entirely about your customer, posing questions within it about their challenges and needs, you’ll be surprised at how open people are to talk about their business issues, giving you valuable insight.
  • Relevant– create a visual scenario that your customer feels familiar and comfortable with, then position your products & services within this world to make it easy for them to see how you’ll help them

Get these three things right and you will have given your audience the confidence to do business with you.

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