A focus on our core values: Simplicity

“Our opportunity, as designers, is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple.”

Tim Parsey, Architect and Designer

Here at POP we’re strong advocates of simplicity. It’s one of our four core values – simplicity, bravery, drive and being human. When creating our digital sales experiences for our clients our core focus is on articulating complex messages, diverse portfolios, solutions and services clearly, simply and with impact.

In this series of blogs we’ll be looking at projects – from art and architecture to product design and film – that focus on our values and embody everything that we strive for.

Our first is Simplicity – we create touchscreen experiences, sales enablement tools and virtual exhibitions that make the complex appear simple, while creating the WOW factor, to engage and inspire.

The British Museum’s Great Court

The jaw-dropping Great Court at the British Museum may evoke serenity and simplicity of design. But the spectacular geo-tessellated glass roof – the largest covered square in Europe – is an inspiring feat of engineering and design.  

  • Each and every one of the 3,312 triangular panels of glass are unique, varying ever so slightly in shape and size – the mathematics involves to calculate these slight differences were only possible because of advances in technology
  • The 315 tonnes of glass that make up the roof are supported by a 478-tonne steel structure – in total, that’s equivalent to seven-and-a-half blue whales.
  • The glass, which could glaze around 500 household greenhouses, is held together by four miles of steel
  • To avoid cracking the roof can move naturally, and respond to changes in temperature as well as the weight of snow. It’s attached to the courtyard’s perimeter walls with sliding bearings – a clever piece of engineering that allows it to expand or contract.
  • The beautiful modernist glass and steel roof appears to float, contrasting against the 19th Century Portland stone below and around it. 
  • The £100million project was supported by grants, including £15.5 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund – an organisation we at POP know well through our work in the Heritage sector including Court Barn and The National Library of Scotland.    
  • The roof, Engineered by Buro Happold to a design by Foster + Partners, and built by Waagner-Biro, was unveiled just over 20 years ago in December 2000 to great acclaim. The redesign of the Great Court also included two new gallery spaces, a restaurant and café.

About POPcomms

POPcomms is a Creative Technology business, helping companies to have more focused, profitable and customer-centric business conversations with customers. We use Design Thinking, CX, UX and the latest technologies to create interactive sales experiences – touchscreen, sales enablement and virtual exhibition experiences. Ultimately, our experiences help businesses win business.

Our clients all share one key challenge – how they can clearly articulate the value, benefits and opportunities that their business can bring to their prospective customers. This is even more difficult for clients with complex products or diverse portfolios who sell across multiple industries and geographies.

If you’d like an exploratory call, then you can talk to me directly on the number below. Or email to find out how our digital sales tools can enable you to have successful, customer-centric conversations whether you meet face-to-face or remotely.

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