How Long Should an Interactive Presentation Take to Develop?

Are you looking to develop an interactive presentation, but need to know how long it’ll take when working with an interactive presentation agency?

If you have a conference, event or important meeting coming up, you may be wondering how long you need to allow in terms of design and development time for presentation.

You may even be concerned about how much work is involved in your side, and what an agency will need from you in order to get started or make the necessary progress in order to keep things on track.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always a straightforward one, as the time it takes to develop an interactive presentation will depend on various different factors.

As an interactive agency who specialise in creating customer-centric presentations, we’re going to talk you through what to expect, and the factors that can affect timescales.

How long does an average interactive presentation take to develop?

Let’s begin by giving you a rough idea of the typical timescales to expect when developing an interactive presentation.

Depending on the complexity of your solution, an interactive presentation typically takes around six weeks to develop – and we’d say that as a rule of thumb, this is a good time to allow when seeking out an interactive agency.

Of course, each interactive presentation will be completely unique and bespoke to your brand, and therefore a solution could possibly be put together in as little as four weeks (at a push). Just as easily, it could take up to twelve weeks if needed.

We hope that helps to give you a better idea of typical timescales. But what about the factors that can affect typical development times?

Well, these can include things such as the number of stakeholders involved (and how much it needs to be discussed internally), the approval/feedback process, and the visual involved in the presentation (if there is one, it needs to be considered and reviewed properly by both sides).

It could be that the amount of content must be reviewed up front, although this something that is considered and reviewed during the initial stages of the presentation process.

In this example for National Grid, we created this central townscape visual to underpin the presentation – making it easy for users to navigate.

Typical development stages and timescales

Sitemap (2 days)

All of your content is reviewed and organised into relevant sections of the presentation (such as ‘Trend’, ‘Challenges’, ‘Solutions’, and ‘About Us’). This enables you to see the ‘bigger picture’, including the navigation and story flow. Any gaps are visible at this stage and can be addressed.

Storyboard/prototype (1 week)

This is a black and white version of your presentation, where content from the sitemap is presentation in individual slides. Typically, this stage enables stakeholders to focus on specific messaging – instead of worrying too much about design.

Design (1 – 2 weeks)

The actual design stage takes the longest, and this is where your agency works out how your presentation is going to make an impact and visually wow. Your design will be based on the storyboard you’ve approved, and the navigation/structure will have already been nailed.

PowerPoint Build (1 week)

Once you’ve fallen in love with your new presentation and happily signed off on it, it’s then built into PowerPoint – complete with editable text and navigation. This will become your fully working presentation that you and your sales team will be using going forward.

What else should development time allow for?

For any interactive presentation, you should definitely allow for enough time to discuss each stage internally – and especially go over everything with your sales team at the storyboard stage.

This is typically where people find out what is or isn’t missing in a presentation.

In terms of testing, there isn’t much involved, although your presentation will need a couple of run-throughs once it’s built in order to spot anything that does need minor tweaking.

Advice from the interactive specialists

If you’re looking to develop the perfect customer-centric, engaging interactive presentation, remember it’s your agency who should be picking up the mantle of the work. All you need to do is provide the content, and the necessary feedback when required.

As long as you’re ready, then the whole process should be relatively simple. Just ensure you review what’s being presented – preferably with all the relevant people who need to be involved – and ensure it works. Your chosen agency should take care of the rest!

A good, structured process makes the whole project incredibly easy. Your agency should be helping and nurturing you through the process; that’s their job. With them steering, it should be delivered on time.

One example of a time-sensitive presentation was with our client, Isotrak. We were able to deliver the project on time because of the structure we followed above. By going through these stages, they were able to effectively review the structure and content of the presentation.

The result was a customer-centric presentation that looked great and was delivered quickly and efficiently.

A visually impressive, customer-centric PowerPoint presentation for Isotrak


We hope this blog has been helpful and has given you at least a rough idea of typical timeframes to expect when developing an interactive presentation. We’d love to be more specific, but it depends on your needs and the complexity of your presentation.

We advise seeking out an interactive agency who are experienced in creating interactive presentations that really wow. They should be able to talk you through your options, and give you a better idea of how long your interactive presentation may take.

Do you have any specific questions about development time, or the various stages mentioned above? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t be afraid to contact us using the form below – we promise to reply with something helpful!

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