Working from home? Sales enablement tools to help your teams continue to have profitable conversations

These are rapidly changing times. Following an unprecedented lockdown, one thing is certain, UK businesses will not be meeting their clients face-to-face any time soon. Homeworking and connecting virtually with colleagues and clients has suddenly become the new normal.   

So, what can we do? 

We’re all aware of the proliferation of video conferencing apps out there, but there are also interactive sales tools designed to enhance and support these face-to-face conversations. With so many businesses worried that they will have salespeople stuck at home and not meeting customers these tools really come into their own in the current climate. Many of our clients for whom we have developed interactive sales tools have been able to carry on almost as normal and have these vital conversations.  

Using video conferencing and sharing the interactive on-screen customers can have a similar experience and conversation as if they were still in front of a salesperson. But, even if your salesperson doesn’t screen share, by giving the customer a link to the experience they can both walk through that same experience, at the same time, whilst having a discussion on the phone.  

The same solution also works for our clients who have had to cancel global events and instead are turning to virtual events. The interactives we have developed for their exhibition touchscreen displays have now been put online for their customers to explore on their own or to join in on webinars. The experiences can be emailed to customers to explore for themselves after any conversation and with the built-in analytics it’s possible to see exactly what they are continuing to look at and share.  

Our sales tools allow our clients to simplify the complex and tell powerful sales stories. Our approach is to always take a customer-led narrative, allowing sales teams to have a much more persuasive and consultative conversation with their customers by personalising content, depending on a customer’s industry, challenges or job role. This approach focuses on the actual value delivered to the customer, rather than being solely product-focused. 

Now, more than ever it is important to ensure that your sales teams have the most up-to-date sales information, all instantly available from one central source.  Our tools allow you to do this and give your sales team the ability to access any piece of information that a customer might need whilst talking to them, such as latest insights, live data, specification sheets, anything that they need to make an informed decision. 3D models, visualisations, videos and other assets can all be included as part of the experience to really help the customer understand just what it is that can be done for them.      

The tools can connect seamlessly into CRM, Content Management and Digital Asset Management Systems so that information is always up-to-date and actionable data can be pushed back into your systems.   

Digital transformation has had a huge impact on marketing and sales. Those businesses that have embraced it will be in a much stronger position, during this period of disruption, and in the long-term when meeting virtually might make more financial, logistical and environmental sense.  

So, with all this in mind now might just be that opportunity to take stock of your sales communications and consider how interactive sales tools and sales enablement platforms can best support your business or your customers during these challenging times and in the future with ongoing digital transformation needs.  

Damjan Haylor
Creative Director

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