How Much Should a Customer-Centric Interactive Presentation Cost?

Are you looking for an effective interactive presentation, but want a better idea of costs first?

Many customers come to us looking for a way of presenting to customers that is more in tune with today’s customers, that tells a more visual and customer-centric story and gives them the opportunity to take a more consultative approach.

If that sounds like you, this blog should help give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of how much a visually persuasive interactive presentation costs.

As a design studio who specialise in creating interactive presentations for our customers, we’re going to explain the typical costs below, along with the factors that can affect them.

Within this customer-centric presentation for Isotrak, the customer challenges dashboard allows for a two-way dialogue with the customer, presenting relevant information for their specific needs and issues.

How much does a typical presentation cost?

This is always one of the first questions we get asked. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, as each interactive presentation will vary quite dramatically when it comes to the content, design, and how it will be used by the customer.

However, what we can do is give you a rough idea of the average price range, which is typically in the region of £3,250 to £6,500.

Below, we’re going to look at some of the factors that affect costs, along with what should typically be included for that price.

What are the factors that can affect overall costs?

There are various things that can affect the overall price you pay for an interactive presentation. These include factors such as the following:

  • The amount of content required – the number of slides, and how much work is needed to refine your message
  • The types of content – are there a number of templates, or will each slide need specific designs?
  • Visuals – is there are central visual that’s being built? Will it use photography? Does it need an icon suite to go along with it?

These three main factors are vital when working out your costs.

TIP: If you’re not sure on some of the things mentioned above, a good interactive agency should be able to talk you through your options, and offer some free, impartial advice to get you started.

This interactive presentation for Fujitsu has a central visual for navigation and a number of templated layouts for the content to reside in.

What should be included in the typical costs?

For the costs above, you should really be expecting a full working solution.

To give you a better idea of what should typically be included, here are the stages you should expect an interactive agency to cover when creating your bespoke interactive presentation:


This is where the content is reviewed and organised into relevant sections of the presentation (such as ‘Trend’, ‘Challenges’, ‘Solutions’, and ‘About Us’). This allows for people to see the entire contents of a presentation, as well as the navigation/story flow, and spot any gaps.


The storyboard is presented as a black and white version of the presentation, where the content from the sitemap is laid out into individual slides. We find this stage enables stakeholders to focus on specific messaging – rather than worrying too much about design at this stage.


This is the actual design stage of the presentation, where an agency works out how your presentation is really going to wow. The design will be based on the approved storyboard, and by this stage, the navigation and structure/flow is nailed.

This means that the focus can really be on making the design element as visual and eye-catching as possible, so it can really keep your customers’  attentions.

PowerPoint Build

Once your interactive presentation has been designed and signed off, it’s then built into PowerPoint, complete with editable text and navigation. This is the fully working presentation that you’ll actually be using and introducing your sales team to going forward.

Can an interactive presentation ever go over-budget?

Unfortunately, yes. However, this is usually only the case if there are fundamental changes during the later stages of the presentation.

If, for instance, the above stages haven’t been followed and suddenly there’s additional content, a new section or key visual changes, then it results in time running out from the budget. Not only this, but it can jeopardise the entire structure of the presentation.

This is why getting sign-off from all stakeholders is absolutely key in the creation process.

Is an interactive presentation worth the money?

Whilst developing an interactive presentation isn’t the cheapest solution, it’s always better than going in with a presentation that’s not going to be relevant to your audience.

Especially if you need an effective presentation for important meetings, or you have high-value contracts to secure, presenting something meaningful becomes utterly invaluable to you.

If you’re looking to save money, you may be able to look at stripping down the content, but unless you can go through the above stages, anything else is just a temporary solution – a bit like a sticking plaster.

Remember, a well-considered presentation is key. Just make sure the structure is there, and ensure it’s definitely going to be relevant to your audience – trust us, it really will pay off.


Thanks for reading. Hopefully by now we’ve given you a better idea of interactive presentation costs, and the different factors that can affect them.

Remember, getting the above process right can be essential when it comes to ensuring your presentation is going to hit the mark, AND stay on budget. An interactive agency should be able to help talk you through your options.

Do you want to know more about what’s possible with an interactive presentation? Get in touch with us via the handy contact form below – we promise to respond with something helpful!

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