What makes a world class sales enablement tool?

When you meet with prospective customers do they go away impressed ready to take the next step or are they underwhelmed because you’re the same as all your competitors? If it’s the latter then clearly something needs fixing. In today’s market you cannot afford to be just another supplier and leave prospective customers cold. In […]

Virtual exhibitions and environments – increase value by applying a customer-first approach


Now that the shock of Covid-19 has dissipated slightly, businesses are moving from pothole repair to looking at how to build long term customer bridges. Whilst you are now able to communicate with clients through a myriad of video conferencing tools, you are still lacking that physicality of face-to-face meetings. It isn’t something that you […]

Working from home? Sales enablement tools to help your teams continue to have profitable conversations


These are rapidly changing times. Following an unprecedented lockdown, one thing is certain, UK businesses will not be meeting their clients face-to-face any time soon. Homeworking and connecting virtually with colleagues and clients has suddenly become the new normal.    So, what can we do?  We’re all aware of the proliferation of video conferencing apps out […]