Why robust data and analytics is essential to the success of your sales enablement tool

Interactive digital sales enablement tools provide all the content your sales team need to instantly tailor their conversations and easily demonstrate the benefits of your solutions, your capabilities and the value your business delivers. In contrast to more traditional sales and marketing assets used in sales meetings – brochures, catalogues, linear presentations – interactive digital […]

Switch remote selling on instantly. Why flexible sales enablement is the key to future sales success

“Buyers increasingly expect their (sales tools) experiences to be open, connected, intuitive, and immediate. They demand that sellers understand and align with their needs and work with them toward a common set of goals throughout the buying process. Successful sellers understand these needs and adapt their approaches.” Forrester 2020 Sales is the lifeblood for many […]

Start small and iterate fast: Why an Agile approach to sales tool development reduces risk and delivers RoI faster

Agile development is a well-established methodology in software development. But what does it mean? And why do we at POP believe that it is so important to the successful development of sales enablement tools?   Agile is a methodology that has been used in software development for two decades and is now being embraced by other industries. It’s an iterative process – which means a project is split into multiple smaller pieces (sprints), with each […]