Case Study: How POPcomms can deliver an effective interactive touchscreen solution to meet your deadline

Are you looking for an interactive touchscreen experience for an upcoming event, or to meet a tight schedule?

We understand that robust project management and very careful planning are absolutely critical to any project, and there are often a range of options to help you find the right balance between flexibility and development time for your interactive solution.

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we helped one client, The Royal Mint, deliver a fully working touchscreen solution to wow audiences at a conference in just two months’ time.

The challenge

We were approached by The Royal Mint, who were looking to present an interactive solution to sit on their stand at a large world money fair in Berlin. An existing client of ours, they weren’t sure what was possible, or exactly what they required for their solution, which is why they came to us.

We’d already developed a range of video and presentation work with them, so they were familiar with our flexible way of working and the processes we use. When they decided they needed something innovative in such a short timeframe, they knew we’d be perfect for the job.

The Royal Mint were looking for something that would really push boundaries and provide functionality that hadn’t really been done before. In essence, they needed to stand out from other mints and exhibitors, and allow visitors to browse coins in a fresh, innovative way.

The major challenge here was that the date for the conference was set, and the solution needed to be delivered in just two months’ time, so we couldn’t afford to fall behind once we’d committed to the project – it wasn’t an option, as The Royal Mint would lose a lot of money.

The solution

We were able to work closely with The Royal Mint in terms of understanding their needs and outlining the brief relatively quickly, as well as producing sitemaps, mock-up visuals, wire frames, a prototype using touchscreen software, a range of design options and the final interactive experience. ,

The key to delivering the finished solution on time really came down to very robust, yet flexible project management, and having very clearly defined stages to take us through the process from start to finish.

The Royal Mint team collaborated with us at each and every stage, and we helped guide them through the process by ensuring we had everything we needed to complete the project in a timely and organised manner – which helped take the stress out of the project.

We also scheduled in plenty of time for their team to come in and test the touchscreen experience and ensure everything was not only running smoothly and seamlessly, but was also perfectly designed for the brand, to give users a real ‘wow’ factor.

The result

When it was time to deliver the touchscreen solution at the conference, it had exactly the required impact The Royal Mint had been hoping for. It attracted a lot of interest, and helped them stand out that year as a very innovative, forward-thinking mint – despite also being the oldest in the world!

Their bespoke touchscreen experience showed off the brand to the max, and they were so pleased with the results that they’ve even gone on to modify the interactive we created for other events – making it an even more cost-effective solution in the long-run.

They’ve also included similar interactive systems in their visitor centre, The Royal Mint Experience, and have told us that our touchscreen solution really helped them to see the value of interactive touchscreen experiences, and the positive impact it could have on their business.

Looking for an interactive touchscreen experience to meet an upcoming event or deadline?

If you’re interested in an interactive touchscreen solution for your business that’s completed on time – and within budget – why not get in touch for a no-pressure consultation today?

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